Ruby Red

I finally got round to watching Rubinrot (Ruby Red), the film version of Kerstin Gier’s Precious Stone (or Gem) trilogy. I wrote a review of the books some time ago on this blog, so if you’ve never heard of it, take a look here.

I was a little skeptical about the movie at first, because, in my view, German movies often look a little unprofessional compared to Hollywood productions. (One reason for that might be the difference in budgets.)
This one, however, came pretty close to the high standards, and all the actors played their parts very convincingly as well. My favourite was probably Aunt Maddy (Katharina Thalbach) – even though the scene where she has a vision was almost a little scary!

As a short summary for those of you who don’t know the story: Gwendolyn Shepherd discovers on her 16th birthday that she has inherited her family’s time travel gene. In order to control it, she has to join a secret organisation and submit to being sent to the past, together with another time traveler, Gideon de Villiers.

Gideon de Villiers (l., played by Jannis Niewöhner) and
Gwendolyn (Maria Ehrich) meet the Count of St. Germain.

Picture Credit

What would have made the movie even better, though, would be if they had used an opener that I found online which featured similar graphics as the German book covers. Those covers were one of the reasons I liked the books at first glance, and when I saw that a group of students from a school in Austria had used them for an animation for a class project I thought it was a brilliant idea!

All in all, I was impressed by the movie and would recommend it to everyone who liked the books or is interested in time travel stories. It had good special effects, great costumes and more or less kept to the original story. It even made me like Gwendolyn more than in the books. Plus, it is set in London.
I have to agree with Sophy, though: Charlotte (Laura Berlin) does have more style than Gwen!

I, for one, am already looking forward to seeing the movie version of the second book, Sapphire Blue, which supposedly started production on October 7.

If you want to read the book first: an English version of Ruby Red was published in 2011.



Watery Heights

These pictures are already a few months old, but we decided that they are still worth sharing! Last summer, before I went to Hong Kong for 10 months, Sophy and I took a day trip to the Myra Falls in Lower Austria as well as the small and lovely city of Laxenburg.

To ensure that we drive 'in style', Sophy had borrowed her mother's convertible for the day, which was perfect, since the summer heat often had us wishing for some cool air.
We dressed accordingly in light layers and breezy fabrics.

Sophy wore a patterned sheer tunic-style top with denim shorts, while I decided to don a white lace dress.

Dress - Fashion Collection
Bag - SIX

While taking a boat trip on the lake in Laxenburg, we spotted some ancient-looking ruins on one of the small islands. Unfortunately, there was no place to dock in sight, so we had to discard our idea of exploring the secrets of said ruins.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did the trip!

Sophy & Hailey


There are Fairies in the Woods...

Dear Readers,

since Hailey safely returned from her year away in Hong Kong and we both finished a lot of our school work recently, we decided it's time to pick up where we left 10 months ago - so this is the first in what I hope will be a series of new posts to look forward to!

Last summer a dear and very talented friend of mine - Carrie Levay, who's also done these lovely pictures in our 'Obsessed with .... Paris' post - decided she'd like to try out something new and asked me to dress up for an outdoor shoot. We had a great day with lots of fun and these are what came out in the end: 

Carrie's husband Robert then did a little bit of tinkering, so this is what the pictures look like with some professional digital remastering :) There are also a couple ones of me in a simple blue dress that I actually like very much. Thanks again, Carrie & Rob for including me in this experiment!

I hope you enjoyed this post, everyone! See you soon!



A Taste of Vintage, Part III

After Part I and II, this is probably the least 'vintage' box for sweets, but I still thought that it was worth sharing. My sister and I recently bought a piece of mooncake, which is a traditional Chinese pastry. The traditional version is usually eaten during Mid-autumn festival (also known as Moon festival), while the modernized form of it, Icy mooncake, is available throughout the year.
This year's Mid-autumn festival was celebrated over the past few days, as it always takes place on the 15th day of the eigth month, according to the Chinese calendar. So the official day for the Moon festival was Sunday, September 30, but there were also some events and festivities on Saturday and Monday.

Since my sister and I are now officially Hong Kong residents, we thought we better try the traditional food. We got the chance to do that on a cruise organized by my university, where we tasted traditional mooncake and all sorts of the icy version. And for Sunday, the official festival day, we got ourselves two boxes of Chocolate mooncake - one to bring to the family that I celebrated with, and one for the family of my sister's boyfriend.

But now, let's get to the reason why I'm telling you all this: The cake came in a very nice box, which I instantly decided should be added to my collection of vintage/cute candy boxes. I especially like the lock, as well as the decoration on top - even though it is not very Asian ;)



A Holiday Español, Part II

It has been a while since I made the trip, but I still wanted to share some of the remaining pictures me and my sister took on our short vacation to Valencia earlier this year. In the city, you could see both charming old buildings as well as fascinating modern creations, such as the constructions designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava in the City of Arts and Sciences.

On our second day, my sister and I ventured to the Plaza de la Reina to have a look at the Old City, climbed the stairs up to the top of the cathedral El Miguelete and purchased an item or two in the shops on Placa de l'Ajuntament. We also strolled through Valencia's biggest park to have a look at the Festival de las Naciones and took a closer look at some of the buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences.

Dress - H&M
Bag & Shoes - bought in Greece & Taiwan

I also wanted to use this post to tell you that from now on I will be blogging from Hong Kong! I have been here for a few weeks, settling in and getting to know the city before I started my Master program at one of the local universities.
But before I show you some of the pictures I took so far, Sophy and I still have a post or two to share with you, so there will be an update soon ;)



A Holiday Español, Part I

Recently, while Sophy spent her time strolling through the streets of Cannes, I went on a four-day journey to Valencia, accompanied by one of my sisters. I hadn’t heard much about the third-biggest city in Spain before, but while picking out the places I wanted to visit already learned that it has a lot to offer for a European visitor who is fond of architecture, vegetation and shopping.

To share some aspects of this wonderful city with you, I would like to start with the beach we visited on our first day. It was a long hike (approximately 40 minutes at a rough estimate), but we were rewarded when we finally reached it!

After all, Vienna doesn’t have a beach to offer, so for us, the Malvarrosa Beach provided the first opportunity to dip our feet in the water and feel soft grains of sand under them after this year’s rather long winter.

Shirt - Hofer (La Hong Collection)
Jeans - H&M

The photographers

On our way back, we came across a few impressive sand sculptures, which obviously serve as the main source of income for some of the artists. Apparently, they remodel them a little every day, changing bits and pieces while still maintaining the general appearance.

 Pictures by my sister and me

That was it for the first day! I hope you enjoyed the pictures, more will follow in another post :)


PS: Please excuse my poor Spanish and feel free to tell me if I made a mistake in the title of this post ;)