A Vintage Case

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful present: an old vintage suitcase, found in my gandparents' attic! It was a fortunate coincidence given that I'd played with the idea of shopping for a similiar one on eBay before, but never got round to actually doing it. All the same I've always wanted one of these faded beauties - they are great for storing things while looking stylish propped on a chair or chest of drawers in your room.

Its condition was ok - the only problem being the interior... I mean, the surface on the outside is expected to be well worn and a bit scratched! That's what makes it look "shabby chic". But the inside should be pretty looking and hygenic, especially if you want to store clothing in it (like I plan on doing). So I started by using leather polish on the outside and dabbing some shoe polish on the deepest scratches to cover them up a bit. Then I bought three sheets of matt finished wrapping paper - I love it!! - and started covering the inside (after giving it a wipedown with some desinfectant). It took a little over two hours to cut the paper and glue it on with some all-purpose adhesive.

Doesn't it look quite neat now? I can't wait to fill it with my stuff, I just have to decide what to put in it. *thinking hard* In the meantime I found something else to add even more charm to my newly polished suitcase: a tag to attach to its handle. I bought it in a store called "about home" in Vienna - leaving lots of other fabulous (and expensive) things behind...

about home - salt and pepper muffins

about home - decorative pillow with shoe and handbag

Well, that's all I have to show you - for now. But there are a few other projects waiting and I'll keep you informed!


P.S.: I apologize for the bad quality of these shots - I took them late at night and in a poorly lit room...


Day in, Day out . . .

Every year before the start of the new semester, I head to the nearby bank to get a free ‘student planner’. It is a calendar designed especially for students and covering the time from July of the present year until June next year.

The reason why I prefer to get this calendar instead of buying one in a store is because I like designing the cover myself. For the past six years, I have personalized my planner that way, starting just by taking small pictures from magazines and arranging them in a nice way, until it got more ‘sophisticated’ and I started using my graphic program to compile the pictures and print the finished version.

This is what I started with.

This year I went for the color green, as it is my favorite color but somehow, I have never used it for a calendar design before. The pictures are some that I took during my exchange semester in Greece and the ball in the corner was a sticker I had left.

On the backside, you can see photos from Hong Kong, as this is the next place I would really like to go for a longer period of time. I didn’t take these myself but found most of them via the Google image search function. Once again, the sand castle is a left-over from the stickers I used to put on my letters whilst in Greece ;)

I also made my sister’s calendar – she always relies on me to come up with something and this year I even decided to give our planners the same design. The differences are that for hers I chose the primary color blue and the pictures are from Macau (front) where she will spend the next two months visiting her boyfriend, and from Taiwan (back), as that is where she spent her exchange semester.

Additionally, I normally make something like a ‘bookmark’ so I can easily find the day and week we’re currently on. For making it, I used normal threads that you usually take for creating friendship bracelets and braided them, adding a yellow pearl at the end.

And with that, my calendar was finished! :)

  1. The filter I used to add the sparkles to the images is from the lovely Carrie - creator of WishWishWish.
  2. To make the pictures on the calendars look like polaroids, I used templates from the artist lured2stock at my favorite graphic website, DeviantArt.


    The Butterfly Affected

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome to our very first post - we sincerly hope you'll like it! What you're about to see are a few shots made during last Tuesday's visit to the "Butterfly House" (Schmetterlingshaus) in Vienna. It's situated in a beautiful Art Noveau building in the city center and inhabited by hundreds of exotic butterflies, freely fluttering around in an artificial tropical environment. Enjoy: 

    The butterflies were the real stars of the day. We saw shimmering beauties in bold colours, dark moths of gigantic size and midgets looking a bit like blooms themselves. Looking for them was fun - although the greenhouse was stuffy enough our camera lenses started fogging up...


    Long shirt - H&M (I think)
    Jeans - Vf Outlet center in the U.S.
    Belt - bought at Wufenpu Market in Taiwan,
    borrowed from my sister
    Necklace - Accessorize
    Bag - from a shop in Greece that I can't
    remember the name of
    Dress - Stefanel
    Belt - bought in a small Greek boutique
    Necklace - Tiffany & Co, borrowed from my mother

    Please bear in mind that Hailey and I are fairly new in the "business", so we still try to find our way around the blog, Photoshop and other stuff. Also, our noble mission of getting nice outfit pictures for the "Squid Squad" was somewhat hindered by the very bad weather (currently it's more like deepest autumn in Vienna), forcing us to wear jeans and a wool dress instead of filmy summer outfits. Alas, we tried to make the best of it!

    Hailey and Sophy