The Butterfly Affected

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to our very first post - we sincerly hope you'll like it! What you're about to see are a few shots made during last Tuesday's visit to the "Butterfly House" (Schmetterlingshaus) in Vienna. It's situated in a beautiful Art Noveau building in the city center and inhabited by hundreds of exotic butterflies, freely fluttering around in an artificial tropical environment. Enjoy: 

The butterflies were the real stars of the day. We saw shimmering beauties in bold colours, dark moths of gigantic size and midgets looking a bit like blooms themselves. Looking for them was fun - although the greenhouse was stuffy enough our camera lenses started fogging up...


Long shirt - H&M (I think)
Jeans - Vf Outlet center in the U.S.
Belt - bought at Wufenpu Market in Taiwan,
borrowed from my sister
Necklace - Accessorize
Bag - from a shop in Greece that I can't
remember the name of
Dress - Stefanel
Belt - bought in a small Greek boutique
Necklace - Tiffany & Co, borrowed from my mother

Please bear in mind that Hailey and I are fairly new in the "business", so we still try to find our way around the blog, Photoshop and other stuff. Also, our noble mission of getting nice outfit pictures for the "Squid Squad" was somewhat hindered by the very bad weather (currently it's more like deepest autumn in Vienna), forcing us to wear jeans and a wool dress instead of filmy summer outfits. Alas, we tried to make the best of it!

Hailey and Sophy

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