A Vintage Case

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful present: an old vintage suitcase, found in my gandparents' attic! It was a fortunate coincidence given that I'd played with the idea of shopping for a similiar one on eBay before, but never got round to actually doing it. All the same I've always wanted one of these faded beauties - they are great for storing things while looking stylish propped on a chair or chest of drawers in your room.

Its condition was ok - the only problem being the interior... I mean, the surface on the outside is expected to be well worn and a bit scratched! That's what makes it look "shabby chic". But the inside should be pretty looking and hygenic, especially if you want to store clothing in it (like I plan on doing). So I started by using leather polish on the outside and dabbing some shoe polish on the deepest scratches to cover them up a bit. Then I bought three sheets of matt finished wrapping paper - I love it!! - and started covering the inside (after giving it a wipedown with some desinfectant). It took a little over two hours to cut the paper and glue it on with some all-purpose adhesive.

Doesn't it look quite neat now? I can't wait to fill it with my stuff, I just have to decide what to put in it. *thinking hard* In the meantime I found something else to add even more charm to my newly polished suitcase: a tag to attach to its handle. I bought it in a store called "about home" in Vienna - leaving lots of other fabulous (and expensive) things behind...

about home - salt and pepper muffins

about home - decorative pillow with shoe and handbag

Well, that's all I have to show you - for now. But there are a few other projects waiting and I'll keep you informed!


P.S.: I apologize for the bad quality of these shots - I took them late at night and in a poorly lit room...

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