Balls in a Bowl

Today my sister and I received a present from our dad and his girlfriend. We had admired a vase in their apartment which was filled with colorful things that looked like bubbles but turned out to be little balls that, when you took them out of the water, felt like jelly.

That's what the bubbles look like if you take them out of the water.

As we were so fascinated by this method of ‘decoration’, we were given a few packs of the balls to try out how it works ourselves. Hence, after being back home we immediately started looking for an appropriate vessel, filled it with water and put in the contents of one small sack. The process of seeing the balls grow was rather interesting, as in the beginning they started to become fuzzy and developed into something that looked pretty much like fur balls to me.

After a while, the fur balls started to become bigger, but pretty slowly, which is why we set them aside after some time to let them grow in peace. All in all, the balls needed about a day to look the way they were supposed to.

If anybody’s interested in finding these funny balls or something similar, the ones that we have are called ‘Color Crystal Bolls’.


  1. The picture I used as a filter this time is from ~mysticbubblesz.

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