From Rags to Riches

The most simple-looking fabric can be used to create a very special garment. It can even give you inspiration for something that you didn’t yet know you wanted to make. As Sophy and I were rummaging through the shelves full of material this Thursday we were able to find a few things to add to our list of possessions as well as our plan of future projects.

But to start from the beginning: We had been talking about visiting the big store Textil-Müller in a part of Lower Austria for some time, as it offers a lot of different cloth and other sewing supplies. This Thursday, we finally managed to go there and, after about half an hour drive, were standing in front of the big store-house.

I had already been to the shop lots of times, but for Sophy it was the first time and we started out by strolling through the flea market on the first floor. You could find all kind of hodgepodge there, starting from overalls to Christmas decorations and even dishes.

On the second floor, we walked through the countless number of racks filled with rolls of fabric in all kinds of shapes – from a thick fur to masses of transparent organza, you name it!

Sophy managed to find a very nice, tweed-like fabric which she intends on using to create her very first self-made dress, plus lining, sewing silk, and a matching zipper. I bought a red fabric with a Chinese pattern, also together with all the other necessary material.

With these purchases I think that altogether our shopping excursion was rather successful. Hopefully, we will soon have time to sit down in front of our sewing machines and show you what we made out of the new material!

Hailey and Sophy

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