Mountain Pasture

Weather's been mercyful this past weekend. While it was nowhere near suitable for the middle of August, it was sunny enough for me to join my parents and a few friends for a trip to the mountains, where we've got a cozy little hut. It's surrounded by lots of wood and cattle (in summer), the next proper house is a few miles away. The house has been decorated by my parents with loving care - I really like it and hope you do as well!

The dress is from Orsay,
the necklace with the bears from Anchorage, Alaska

Yes, the skulls on the wall above are so-called "trophies". My father - in addition to his "regular" job - is a passionate huntsman. I'm not intending to get myself involved in a discussion about whether hunting's a "bad" thing or not, let's just say that - in Austria - every little bit of land not owned by a private person has to be assigned to one or more hunters. It's not so much a sport, it's more like tending to nature in general: Hunters have to observe, count, and feed (during wintertime) the animal population in their area. Of course, they also shoot animals. But usually it's because there are simply too many of them in one place, meaning they'd starve to death, become ill or fight each other over territory. Think of it this way: If there are lots and lots of sweet looking - but quite hungry - foxes around, there also tend to be far less little birdies...

The outfit you can see below is what we call a "Dirndl" (meaning a traditional dress) in Austria. The white blouses are cropped short, rather like belly tops. The dresses themselves are usually cut low in front and reach to mid-calf, but there are lots of modern variations and even ultra-short Dirndls. Nowadays they're also made all the colors of the rainbow, but the traditional ones are mostly black or dark-colored with patterns in green, red or blue. Without the apron the costume wouldn't be complete - word has it that, when people still regularly wore them (not occasionally, like now), the way girls tied their aprons signaled their relation status...

Hope you too had a nice weekend!


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