Precious Time & Precious Stones

If you don’t want to travel in time without being able to choose where and when you are switching from 2011 to 1943, you have to find a way to control it instead. But if during those journeys between past and present you are accompanied by a handsome travel companion, who would want to complain?

In these cloudy and rainy days – like we have them in Austria right now – the best thing you can do is to curl up on a bed or sofa and read a good book. That’s what I thought a few days ago, so I decided to read the trilogy that Sophy recommended to me. After a while I found myself constantly trying to steal a minute or two in-between work and other things I had to do to find out what's going to happen next.

The trilogy by Kerstin Gier lets the reader take part in the adventures of Gwendolyn Shepherd, who finds out at the age of sixteen that she has inherited her family’s time travel gene. Even though she isn’t happy about it, she has to accept that from now on trips into the last decade will be a part of her everyday life. And to top it all off, she has to bear with the handsome but rather unfriendly, impolite and in general very disagreeable Gideon de Villiers who is also a time traveler.

The three books are named after precious stones. If you translate them literally from German, they would be called ‘Ruby Red’, ‘Sapphire Blue’ and ‘Emerald Green’. The first book will soon be made into a movie which will hit cinemas in 2012 if everything goes as planned.

Sophy recommended the books to me and I can only recommend them to you now. Although I was a bit unsatisfied with the ending, I liked the idea of the books and the story in general. So, if you’re interested in a new twist on time traveling and like reading about adventures in the time before the 200-x years, then you will definitely like this trilogy! As far as I know, the first book is already available in English and if it’s a success I am pretty sure the other two will follow soon ;)

P.S.: I have already managed to get my two sisters to read the books too, and my mum is thinking about it, so I hope I can talk you into reading them as well!


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  1. Indeed, you roped me into reading them, sister, and I was spellbound. The story took me on a twisted journey through time filled with alchemy, love, intrigue and history. Not to mention the delightful note of sarcasm introduced by Xemerius. I absolutely loved the trilogy!