La Serenissima

I've been to Venice quite a few times in my life, mostly in summer and usually only for a day trip. However, this year I've been there twice and one of these stays lasted a few days, including one very peculiar opera performance (in a broken down palazzo with only fourty or so other people in the audience), the standard tourist route, a very expensive lunch at Caffé Florian and a monastery turned hotel. But when I returned - only a few weeks later - I wanted to do something different, so we explored the lesser known parts of the city and stumbled across a few shops and nice spots worth visiting:

At the Campiello del Tintor we found this little antiquities shop with a black cat "guarding" the entrance. The store was stuffed to the ceiling with old books which were - oddly enough - stored in boats. Like, whole boats nailed to the wall or propped up in the middle of the floor. Weird, but funny - especially, since the backdoor practically leads into one of the canals. It seems that people in Venice have an abundance of old vessels, if they use them as furniture...

Cover: "Do not pet the cat"

I bought a huge mask-like brooch from Atelier Marega, one of the many shops selling - surprise! - masks. However, I didn't see these brooches anywhere else, so I'm kind of glad I picked it up the moment I saw it. Right beside that mask shop lay yet another flourishing business: A woman sold pretty funky jewellery - huge pendants made from various semi-precious stones.

Mask from Atelier Marega

Since there are rather many women in my family, the males had to bow to our superior *ahem* willpower and carry the bags collected while shopping. They even were nice enough to buy us desserts at CaffĂ© Florian (which I come to really love, despite their insolence of charging € 6 per person for the "musical entertainment").


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