A Special Dress for a Special Occasion

After some time I finally decided to use my sewing skills again, namely for making a dress to wear to a wedding in October. The fabric I wanted to use was bought about five years ago in the embroidery store Ernex in a western part of Austria. Initially, I intended to wait with the dress because it was my mother who bought the fabric and she wanted to make a blouse out of it. However, until now she didn’t have the time to make it, so she gave me permission to use whatever I need to sew my dress – and when I took a look at the fabric I remembered that we bought 5 meters of it anyway, so there should be enough left for her project.

I more or less designed the dress around the fabric and the cut I came up with is nothing too special, since the material is already very elaborate.

The first part of creating a piece of clothing is always the one I like less – making the pattern. So this is where I usually go to my grandma for help, as she used to be a seamstress and knows how to make a pattern by heart whereas I would probably have to use instructions and waste a lot of time with calculations and brooding over whether I am doing everything correctly.

The pattern of the dress was made very quickly, so please don’t look at it too thoroughly. A professional seamstress would probably scream in horror when setting eyes upon it, seeing as we didn’t exactly follow professional standards for drawing it (at least not according to today’s standards).

Anyway, after finishing the pattern we cut all the pieces and I started to sew the lining. I hung the finished part on another dress so you could see it better. After that, it was time to start on the actual piece and we had to be very careful with the material, since there were lots of delicate sequins and pearls that could easily come off if you pulled the wrong thread.

For the border of the neckline as well as for the belt I used an old fabric that I had left from making a skirt a while ago and decorated it with an ornamental seam to make it more interesting.

The creation of the whole dress took a few weeks because there were breaks in-between and sometimes I had to wait for my grandmother to stop by us again and help me. Without breaks, it would have probably taken me two or a maximum of three days to finish it.

For now, I am only showing you one picture of the finished piece and a close-up of the fancy seam so you can get an idea, but you’ll have to wait until October to see it worn properly ;)


  1. The filter I used for the pictures is once again from Carrie's lovely blog WishWishWish.

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