Squid Squad goes Fashion Week

On Wednesday the Vienna Fashion Week  took place in the Museumsquartier  in Vienna. It was the third time this event was held and Sophy and I had purchased tickets for the opening show featuring the young designer Rebekka Ruétz.

Dress & Belt - from a shop in Fifth Avenue in New York
Purse - Delle Vega
Shoes - bought at a boutique in Greece
Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Dress: Fifilles Paris

Ruétz was born in Austria and finished her studies in 2008. Her own designer label was created in 2009, so it’s still pretty young and it was probably the first time for her to take part in the Fashion Week. On her website, her design is described as a combination of “the visible and the invisible in an entirely new perspective to the world of fashion”.

The most striking aspects of the collection we noticed were on one hand the fact that the designer used mostly light fabrics, in combination with leather, and secondly that the colors were mainly brown, light purple and beige. As usual, the models all had a similar hairstyle and – rather unusual – they all went barefooted.

At the event itself there were actually not as many people as we expected, but it was only the first day, so maybe more people came as it continued. Still, I had thought that the opening day would be a bit more ‘crowded’.

The advantage of the lack of guests, however, was that we were lucky enough to get seats near the front, giving us the perfect position to snap pictures without too many heads blocking our view.

The Fashion Week ended on Sunday, the 18th of September, with an “Urban Fashion Night” featuring four different labels. This year we only went to one show, but let's wait and see what next year has to offer!

Hailey & Sophy


  1. Thanks a lot! :)
    It's a lot harder than one may think to choose what to wear to a fashion event. After all, that's where it's most important ;)