The Thriller with the Shepherd Killer

While travelling I usually have at least one book in my suitcase although I normally don’t have a lot of time to read due to the extensive sightseeing. However, on my trip to Portugal with my sister there was pretty much waiting involved at the various airports where we stopped and therefore I managed to finish a book that I would like to tell you more about now.

I got the reading for my birthday, mainly because I have a thing for sheep, and there are definitely a lot of sheep involved in the story. The book is called “Glennkill” and tells the story of how a shepherd is found dead on his range, with a spade through his body. This event is very disturbing for his sheep who from now on try their best to find out who is the murderer of their beloved shepherd.
Even though the book started kind of slowly in my opinion, it got more interesting later on and also entertaining, as I found it very funny to read about the kind of thoughts sheep had and how they were easily distracted by fragrant grass or a strange sheep on their willow. Also, as a kind of extra to the readers, the book includes a small flap-book at the edge of each page which made it easily identifiable for me when I saw someone else reading it.

Leonie Swann is the author of the book which was published in 2005 and followed by “Garou” in 2010. In English, the title was changed to “Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story” and was released in 2006 while the sequel has not yet been published in English.

I hope I got some of you interested in reading the book. In the next post I'm going to show you some snapshots of my visit to Portugal, as soon as I have sorted all the pictures.


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