The City Full of Noise

Me and a friend of mine just came back from a trip to Dublin where we spent the last five days of our summer holidays. We traveled around the city to explore as many places as possible during our stay and also included a daytrip to a more Northern part of Ireland. In the end, my friend decided we should call Dublin “The city that never sleeps” because even in the night we could always hear something going on outside. But seeing as that title was already taken, I said we should rather call it “The city full of noise”.

The first thing we did the morning after our arrival was to get a two-days ticket for the tourist bus and get off at the Guinness Brewery. I had been there before, but it was interesting to see the inside of the huge building again and reread some of the information provided. When I had first been to the brewery I didn’t know that the Guinness company also published the Guinness Book of Records. Somehow I had never connected these two things, although it is kind of obvious that they belong together. I also decided to try the famous Guinness beer which I didn’t do last time. Unfortunately, I am not really a fan of beer or coffee, and to me and my friend it tasted like a mixture of both, so we didn’t like it that much.

The rest of our first day was spent exploring Phoenix Park, the former house of Oscar Wilde, Merrion Square and Trinity College, which had a really beautiful campus! I’m sure that it is a great place to study and hang out, not only for Irish students.

The second day of our trip included a visit of Dublin castle where we decided to take part in a free tour, given by a really great guide! She managed to make the history of the castle sound really interesting – which it was, of course, but in my opinion, not every tour guide can manage to also make it sound that way. We also explored Dublin’s City Hall, as well as the Powerscourt House, Christchurch Cathedral and a shopping center called “George St. Arcade”.

Our day trip was planned and booked for our third day in Dublin, so we were at the meeting point at 6.40 a.m., waiting for the bus which then took us North and stopped a few times on the way, for example at Bunratty Castle. However, the highlight of the tour were the Cliffs of Moher which we reached around 1 p.m. and which were covered in a deep fog. At first, we were rather disappointed, because even though I had seen them before I would have loved to take a look at them again and my friend had never seen them. But in the end, we were lucky and the fog lifted for a few seconds, providing us with a great view of the cliffs after all!

Starting with the day of the trip, the weather started to get really ‘Irish’ and it usually rained all day. Therefore, we spent our last day in Dublin mostly shopping, running around the city getting soaking wet and eating our final dinner in a typical Irish pub.

All in all, the trip was a lot of fun and I can only recommend everyone to go to Dublin if you get the chance. But for me and my friend, three days were more than enough to explore most of it – it depends on how much you really want to see in the city. There are a few museums that we didn’t visit and maybe we missed a few other things, but the impressions we took with us were enough for us to know that we made the best of our trip!


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