Thrifting in Vienna

On Saturday, Sophy and I went for our first thrifting trip around Vienna. We had looked for Vintage shops in the city before-hand on a few websites but had to find out during our trip that most of them didn’t really offer what we were looking for, as they didn’t exactly fit our definition of a vintage shop. Nevertheless, there were two upsides to our day as well which made the trip a success after all.

Firstly, we stumbled across a flea market on our way to one of the shops. Actually, it seems that market is held every Saturday, and it featured a lot of antique and ornate items. During our stroll through the market we discovered lots of interesting or funny things, such as old military headgear, a rather old atlas, and a birdcage with small antlers attached to it. At the end of the market, there were also a few stands offering wine, fruits, marmalade and other little things.

For anyone living in Vienna or planning to come here someday, I can only recommend to visit the market. It’s part of the Naschmarkt in one of the city’s inner districts.

The second highlight of the day was the boutique “FloVintage” which was full of “nostalgic” clothing, headgear, shoes, and accessories. We even got to have a chat with the owner, Ingrid Raab, who was a very friendly lady and gave us permission to take pictures of all the wonderful things in her shop. She also told us about an interview that she did on dada-dada.tv. Unfortunately, you can only watch it in German.

The interview is mainly about age and how, in the fashion industry, a lot of people make an effort to make their clothing appear ‘old’.  Also, the presenter states that there is a growing longing for style that doesn’t date and connects the beginning of the so-to-say vintage ‘trend’ to the year 2001 when Julia Roberts wore a vintage gown by Valentino to the Oscar ceremony.
The vintage shop by Ingrid Raab appears at around 3:41 in the video and she explains how she started her vintage business after seeing vintage shops in most of the other big cities she visited.

My favorite piece of clothing from the shop was definitely the blue dress that I’m holding in the picture below, while Sophy really liked the leather jacket in the following image.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures we took and got a glimpse of the pretty things offered there. Even though I'm not sure that we have explored every corner of it already!

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Hailey & Sophy

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