A Gloomy Guest Fits Not a Wedding Feast

This weekend, my family and I attended a wedding in the Eastern part of Austria. My aunt and uncle had been together for 28 years and already have two children, and now they finally decided to get married. Which took a lot of persuasion on the groom’s side, from what I've heard ;)

We arrived at the hotel a few hours early so we would have enough time to get ready. The ceremony started at about 4 in the afternoon. It was a civil marriage, so we all gathered in one of the hotel’s seminar rooms and listened to the bridal couple speaking their vows and exchanging rings. It was a really nice ceremony, including a slightly confused registrar who accidentally made the groom 40 years older.

Everyone was dressed rather elegantly but probably not as elegant as for an ecclesiastic marriage. The bride was not even wearing a wedding gown but a ruby colored dress with a grey jacket and a scarf. My sisters and I all wore dresses, two of which we made especially for this wedding.

I already posted my dress a couple of days ago, so if you’re interested, you can read about the production process there. My sister’s dress was made from different fabrics that she had left from creating other pieces and the belt is one that I bought in New York a few years ago.

After the wedding ceremony, all the guests gathered for a group picture, which was a lot of fun, since most of the women were wearing high-heels and we had to stand on a rather steep grass hill. To avoid falling down most of us just dug their heels into the ground which worked out pretty well! Afterwards, our heels naturally were full of mud but there’s hardly anything you can’t clean, right?

Now the official part was over and for the rest of the day all wedding guests plus the couple itself sat together in one of the hotel’s dining rooms, ate delicious food, listened to interesting speeches, played a few wedding games – such as the groom having to find out which legs are his wife’s – and danced as long as our feet allowed us to. The first people only started leaving when fatigue came upon them and they could hardly stand anymore.
Most of the wedding guests, including us, then went to their room in the hotel the wedding was held at and left to go back home the next day.

It seemed like everyone was really enjoying the festivities, but in the morning we had to depart after all, leaving the wonderfully sunny weather in the Eastern part of Austria behind to go back to cold and rainy Vienna.


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