Poisonous Perfume

Yesterday, in one of my classes, we analyzed an advertisement by Dior which I thought was very interesting! It is not your typical Dior advertisement and can also play tricks on your eyes ;)

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The picture we were shown had slightly different colors and therefore intensified the effect in a way, so the first time I looked at the advertisement I could only make out a skull. Only at second or third glance I was able to recognize the woman standing in front of the mirror. On the other hand, some people looked at the woman before realizing that there was a skull in the picture. The advertisement was photographed by Vincent Peters in 2002 and even received an award for creativity.

Maybe some of you are faster than I was or have seen the picture before, so we would be interested to read what you think about it.



Obsessed with ..... The Big Bang Theory

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Due to the fact that I wrote another post today, this one will be rather short. In any case there isn't much to say except: I love, love, LOVE that series! The four guy-geeks are loveable characters - all of them top in their various fields (practical/theoretical/astrophysics... and engineering), but TOTALLY incompetent in all matters social. So, when blond bombshell Penny moves into their building, chaos unfolds...

I especially love Dr. Sheldon Cooper, genius physicist and total nutcase all in one. I think I'll soon buy a jumper (custom made at online-shop "spreadshirt") with the words "Sing Soft Kitty" in front and "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" on the backside. Call me a freak, but I'm always reminded of my own "youth" ;-) whenever I watch Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj being nerdy - I've been to my own fair share of LAN-parties and still am a big fan of series/movies such as "Star Wars", "Star Trek" and "Indiana Jones"... 

I can do headshots along with the best of them!

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Well, so much for my obsession of the week!


Tricky Trunk

For months now I've been working on my big craft project: an ancient trunk the size of an actual closet! I bought it via eBay and received a decades old monster of derelict furniture - something had to be done... See for yourselves:

First thing, I started scrubbing the whole thing thoroughly (with lots of help from Hailey - thanks again, sweety!). I polished the exterior using a special leather paste - I didn't want it to look any different from the outside, simply a bit more clean and hygienic. Then I ripped out the wooden lining from the left side of the trunk and painted the whole inside dark brown. The drawers also were in pretty bad shape. I painted them and covered the front with some foil resembeling leather. 

I'd just glued on the bottom boards...

Finally, I got a cork board and lined the left side of the trunk with it to get an "impromptu" pinboard to attach photos and other stuff to. The drawers I lined with paper (mix and match from newspapers, wrapping paper and other leftovers) ... Below you can view the result - I've got to say, I'm reasonably proud of my work :-) 

It's now standing in my colony-style bedroom and looking very fitting. What do you think?



Obsessed with ..... Rings

Although my collection is not very large, I can say that I am, at least currently, a little obsessed with rings. I have two that I wear all the time on my left hand - they have become somehow attached to it, as they have been there for quite a few years. And additionally, I sometimes wear a ring on my right hand. Here, I have a variety of options to choose from for 'decorating' my finger.

Most of the rings shown in the picture have been bought in Greece, so it seems like my 'obsession' started there. There are only three that I had before I went on my exchange semester - one is a mood ring that I got from my mum a few years ago. Then there's a cowrie shell ring, because there was a time when I was obsessed with those shells and consequently had, or still have, quite some jewellry featuring them.
The last ring is the one which you can see on the very right and was bought for me by my father. After being asked to choose one in the jewelry shop, I looked at all the pieces offered very thouroughly and in the end went for one of the cheapest rings in the store since I just liked its design best!

As you can see, the rings still don't cover my whole hand if I put them all on, but that's not what I want to achieve anyway. I'm really happy already to have so many pieces to choose from and I don't think I need any more rings for a while. Although there is one that I am quite fond of ever since seeing it in one of the posts on Le Blog de Sushi a while ago.

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This love letter ring is just too cute, and therefore on my wishlist right now. Although I'm in no hurry to actually purchase it - yet.
I think I'll just wait and see how much my collection grows in the years to come. Or decline, if I ever lose a piece, but I am proud to say that I'm usually rather good at keeping rings!



Obsessed with ..... Cupcakes

Yes, it's true - I'm kind of obsessed with those little cakes! Not only are they tasty and sweet-looking in more ways than those related to munching on them, they also adorn jewellery, are used to decorate one's apartment (at least in my case), can hold stuff like lipgloss (very girly, I know) and simply look cute!

Last weekend Hailey and I decided to give it a try and make "Classic Vanilla Cupcakes" - the result was very sweet in flavour, but not bad at all. If you're interested in making a few of these lovely sweeties, I'm including the recipe below...

Classic Vanilla Cupcake 
~ 1 hour

 Mix: butter 225 g
          vanilla sugar (1 small spoon)
          sugar 450 g
          --> then add 4 eggs while stirring
 Mix: smooth flour 320 g
          baking powder (2 small spoons)
          milk 125 ml
Throw everything together and stirr, fill 2/3 of each cup (there should be enough for about 16 baking moulds) with dough, and bake for 20-25 minutes using surrounding heat (~ 175°C).

Icing: Mix 225 g butter, 350 g powdered sugar and 2 spoons of vanilla sugar together until they form a smooth cream (be aware that - if put in the fridge - the topping gets rather hard).

We only had 12 cups - so we used the rest to have a little fun:

Hope you find them tasty!


A Lacy Dress

Last week I've been invited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Tiffany & Co. in Vienna. It was a splendid party with lots of interesting people and beautiful jewellery - the new collection "Venezia" by Paloma Picasso was much admired... and rightfully so, if you take a closer look: Be it the many arcs and flourishes of Venice's bridges, the silver stars adorning the churches' domes or the reflections of the glittering lanterns on the waters of the lagoon - they all are mirrored in the way the metals have been forged into delicate shapes and the gemstones' careful placement.

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I decided to visit the party relatively late and - as I'm currently in the process of moving all things from my old flat to my new one - hadn't even one LBD within my reach. However, I managed to get into Zara before they closed their doors for good on that day and bought the dress you can see below. It's cut low in the back, but high in front and ends just right above the knee - a perfect fit, I instantly fell in love with it! (On the downside I had to get dressed in a small stall in a bathroom at the university after a lecture - something I'd rather not do again. My hair was a mess.)



Obsessed with ..... Bears

Yes, there are a lot of things you could say I’m obsessed with. Therefore, certain motives, shapes etc. can be seen again and again when taking a look at my possessions. Sophy also has a few of those items that sometimes make you buy a piece, even though you wouldn’t have looked at it if it wasn’t for that small detail.

That is why we decided to post about these obsessions of ours on a weekly basis, just so you can see how crazy we really are!
I’m starting with one of my obsessions, namely bears – in all kinds of colors and shapes! Even though my favorites are actually koalas and pandas, so they are represented the most.

As you can see in the pictures, I have a small collection of stuffed animals, also including one of the mascots for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Also, I have been collecting the calendars from a Chinese restaurant that my family and I like to go to from time to time – but only the ones with panda motives, so there are a few years missing in-between.

A piece that I like very much is the panda bag that one of my sisters bought for me at the “Ocean Park” in Hong Kong. What I like a lot about it is that it has a green lining, and green is my favorite color, plus it just looks really cute!
Lastly, my obsession naturally also shows in my jewelry collection, adding up to a few necklaces and earrings in bear-y shapes. The silver one with the green circle is actually a watch, while the other silver one is a rather new addition, and the bear moves, which I find really cute. And the last one, the gold necklace, belonged to my older sister before, but I liked it so much that I kept it.

I guess my collection will continue to grow in the future, although I will try to limit myself to buying only really cute and ‘rare’ items.


  1. Once again, I used a filter from Carrie at WishWishWish.


Angels & Witchful Thinking

This year, Sophy and I celebrated Halloween at the apartment of two of her friends. There were supposed to be a few people celebrating the 'Day of the Dead' with us, but unfortunately a lot of them got sick and we ended up being only six people. Nevertheless, it was a fun evening which was mostly spent talking, watching funny old videos (especially funny for those who didn't star in them), and playing "Activity".

For me, finding a costume was not such an easy task, as I only went to one Halloween party so far where it wasn't required for the guests to wear costumes. Therefore, I went through my family's costume fund and ended up going to the party as what Sophy and I called 'The Impersonated Halloween Cliché', namely a witch, wearing a big magic hat with blinking stars on it, black and orange clothing and a few spider accessories - including a rather weird spider painted on my cheek.

 Sophy's disguise, in my opinion, was much more original, as she went to the party as a 'Fallen Angel'. She was wearing a white wig with corkscrew curls, an all-black costume and a very pretty black mask.

After getting ready, we went to the party together and were the first to arrive. The hosts themselves were wearing really cool outfits, too: One of them was dressed as an Irish leprechaun, as you can see in the picture below, and the other one was a devil, wearing a wig with really 'flashy' red hair. The other two guests, who arrived a little later, were dressed as Beauty and the Beast and also brought a few self-made snacks which were really impressive! They consisted of small sausages wrapped in noodles, making them look like mummies, as well as mummy and zombie bears.

Around 3 a.m., Sophy and I made our way back to her apartment. Even though we didn't see a lot of fellow costume wearers on our way to the party, a few more were out on the streets by then, giving us the feeling that there still were some people celebrating Halloween in Austria. After all, it is not such a popular holiday here as it is in other countries, but a few people still like to celebrate it and maybe the "trick or treat"-ing will also start to become more widespread again someday.

We hope you all enjoyed your All Hallow's Eve as well!

Hailey & Sophy

  1. The spiders are brushes that I found on DeviantArt, made by ~ephedrina-stock.


Roxette Rock!

Ever since I've been something like 10 or 11 years old, I've wanted to see Roxette live. You can imagine my dismay and horror when Marie was confirmed to be dangerously sick and likely to never perform again. I simply love their timeless feel-good music. It's distinctive too, I'd recognise them everywhere... but after years of silence I'd kind of given up hope they would be back on stage anytime soon.
So when I was driving around quite some time ago, switching on the radio out of boredom and catching a tune so very similar to theirs, I was confused: It wasn't an old song by Marie and Per, but it sounded so very much like them! And *tadaa*, only weeks later they really started their first tour after Marie's recovery! I booked a flight to Hamburg (the concert was on Tuesday last week) and had a dear friend of mine along to share the fun. We did a sightseeing tour around the city and cheered on Roxette - and now I can be happy again ;)

Some pictures for you:

Hamburg harbour

The City

I'm very happy that Marie is well again - that woman set an example for everyone: Proving that nothing is impossible, she fought to be back in life and on stage! My best wishes to both of them! They're so sweet together (as friends, of course) ^^ and their music is... simply fantastic!