A Lacy Dress

Last week I've been invited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Tiffany & Co. in Vienna. It was a splendid party with lots of interesting people and beautiful jewellery - the new collection "Venezia" by Paloma Picasso was much admired... and rightfully so, if you take a closer look: Be it the many arcs and flourishes of Venice's bridges, the silver stars adorning the churches' domes or the reflections of the glittering lanterns on the waters of the lagoon - they all are mirrored in the way the metals have been forged into delicate shapes and the gemstones' careful placement.

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I decided to visit the party relatively late and - as I'm currently in the process of moving all things from my old flat to my new one - hadn't even one LBD within my reach. However, I managed to get into Zara before they closed their doors for good on that day and bought the dress you can see below. It's cut low in the back, but high in front and ends just right above the knee - a perfect fit, I instantly fell in love with it! (On the downside I had to get dressed in a small stall in a bathroom at the university after a lecture - something I'd rather not do again. My hair was a mess.)


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