Obsessed with ..... The Big Bang Theory

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Due to the fact that I wrote another post today, this one will be rather short. In any case there isn't much to say except: I love, love, LOVE that series! The four guy-geeks are loveable characters - all of them top in their various fields (practical/theoretical/astrophysics... and engineering), but TOTALLY incompetent in all matters social. So, when blond bombshell Penny moves into their building, chaos unfolds...

I especially love Dr. Sheldon Cooper, genius physicist and total nutcase all in one. I think I'll soon buy a jumper (custom made at online-shop "spreadshirt") with the words "Sing Soft Kitty" in front and "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" on the backside. Call me a freak, but I'm always reminded of my own "youth" ;-) whenever I watch Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj being nerdy - I've been to my own fair share of LAN-parties and still am a big fan of series/movies such as "Star Wars", "Star Trek" and "Indiana Jones"... 

I can do headshots along with the best of them!

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Well, so much for my obsession of the week!


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