Obsessed with ..... Rings

Although my collection is not very large, I can say that I am, at least currently, a little obsessed with rings. I have two that I wear all the time on my left hand - they have become somehow attached to it, as they have been there for quite a few years. And additionally, I sometimes wear a ring on my right hand. Here, I have a variety of options to choose from for 'decorating' my finger.

Most of the rings shown in the picture have been bought in Greece, so it seems like my 'obsession' started there. There are only three that I had before I went on my exchange semester - one is a mood ring that I got from my mum a few years ago. Then there's a cowrie shell ring, because there was a time when I was obsessed with those shells and consequently had, or still have, quite some jewellry featuring them.
The last ring is the one which you can see on the very right and was bought for me by my father. After being asked to choose one in the jewelry shop, I looked at all the pieces offered very thouroughly and in the end went for one of the cheapest rings in the store since I just liked its design best!

As you can see, the rings still don't cover my whole hand if I put them all on, but that's not what I want to achieve anyway. I'm really happy already to have so many pieces to choose from and I don't think I need any more rings for a while. Although there is one that I am quite fond of ever since seeing it in one of the posts on Le Blog de Sushi a while ago.

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This love letter ring is just too cute, and therefore on my wishlist right now. Although I'm in no hurry to actually purchase it - yet.
I think I'll just wait and see how much my collection grows in the years to come. Or decline, if I ever lose a piece, but I am proud to say that I'm usually rather good at keeping rings!