Roxette Rock!

Ever since I've been something like 10 or 11 years old, I've wanted to see Roxette live. You can imagine my dismay and horror when Marie was confirmed to be dangerously sick and likely to never perform again. I simply love their timeless feel-good music. It's distinctive too, I'd recognise them everywhere... but after years of silence I'd kind of given up hope they would be back on stage anytime soon.
So when I was driving around quite some time ago, switching on the radio out of boredom and catching a tune so very similar to theirs, I was confused: It wasn't an old song by Marie and Per, but it sounded so very much like them! And *tadaa*, only weeks later they really started their first tour after Marie's recovery! I booked a flight to Hamburg (the concert was on Tuesday last week) and had a dear friend of mine along to share the fun. We did a sightseeing tour around the city and cheered on Roxette - and now I can be happy again ;)

Some pictures for you:

Hamburg harbour

The City

I'm very happy that Marie is well again - that woman set an example for everyone: Proving that nothing is impossible, she fought to be back in life and on stage! My best wishes to both of them! They're so sweet together (as friends, of course) ^^ and their music is... simply fantastic!


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