Tricky Trunk

For months now I've been working on my big craft project: an ancient trunk the size of an actual closet! I bought it via eBay and received a decades old monster of derelict furniture - something had to be done... See for yourselves:

First thing, I started scrubbing the whole thing thoroughly (with lots of help from Hailey - thanks again, sweety!). I polished the exterior using a special leather paste - I didn't want it to look any different from the outside, simply a bit more clean and hygienic. Then I ripped out the wooden lining from the left side of the trunk and painted the whole inside dark brown. The drawers also were in pretty bad shape. I painted them and covered the front with some foil resembeling leather. 

I'd just glued on the bottom boards...

Finally, I got a cork board and lined the left side of the trunk with it to get an "impromptu" pinboard to attach photos and other stuff to. The drawers I lined with paper (mix and match from newspapers, wrapping paper and other leftovers) ... Below you can view the result - I've got to say, I'm reasonably proud of my work :-) 

It's now standing in my colony-style bedroom and looking very fitting. What do you think?


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  1. Anonymous11/28/2011

    Wow, after seeing the first picture of this trunk I thought it might be impossible to get it into shape again. but you managed to do it, it looks great now :)