Candy, Anyone?

A friend of mine has recently launched a new brand of tasty AND pretty-looking chocolate - "chocoMe" (check out their website for further information about its history and carrying stores). I've been to the presentation and tasting hosted in Vienna last week - although the chocolate originally comes from Hungary - and got to snap a few pictures as well as snag big chunks of different kinds of dark, milk and white chocolate! 

You can either buy one of the already existing (although exotic) flavours - like crystallized violets, coconut and gold flakes - or design your own chocolate bar. How cool is that? Below you've got a few "close-ups" taken from their website's gallery - mouthwatering, aren't they? My personal favourite from the tasting was the white chocolate bar with hazelnuts, honeynuts and cinnamon-dipped almonds...

Hungry yet? Well, I certainly am.



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  1. Wow, they do look delicious! And the packaging is nice too!