Oops, we did it again! Last weekend Hailey and I decided to do a little Christmas baking and - using an old recipe I got back in my kindergarden-days - we managed to produce these:

The only drawback with these yummies is that you've got to let the dough rest overnight (otherwise they are perfectly simple in making). We had a lot of fun mixing the icing and sticking on silver and gold sugar pearls. I guess we must've looked like two little kids - with our fingers in the bowls and glittery sugar all over the place... :-) I snapped the pictures with my cellphone and used this cool app called "Color Touch".

Classic Austrian Gingerbread
~ 30 min, then resting + another hour to get the flour mixed in and cut out various forms

20 dag butter

5 eggs

60 dag raw suggar
2 (big) spoonfuls of honey
10 dag of grated hazelnuts

- add cinnamon, just a bit of powdered clove and (if you can get it) a bit of that special gingerbread spice mix, then let the dough rest for a few hours (preferably overnight)
- the next day add 90 dag of rye flour and one spoon of baking soda

For the icing I mix lemon juice with lots of powdered sugar :-)

I hope you'll find them tasty!


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