The Jewel Box of Germany

Last weekend, I went on a getaway with my mom and my sisters to Dresden.  The city, which is part of the Saxon Triangle in Germany, was once known as the Jewel Box, due to the large amount of baroque and rococo buildings in the city center.

We arrived at Dresden’s main station at around 6 a.m. on Saturday morning and started our sightseeing tour right away. We strolled along the River Elbe and marveled at all the beautiful buildings on its shores: the Ministry of the Interior and Treasury Department, the School of Arts, and many more.

First, we decided to explore the New Town, so we went to the Japanese Palais and experienced the true “Canaletto view” which the painter, who was known for drawing extremely realistic city views, captured in one of his pieces. Then, we continued towards the Old Town but before that we stopped shortly to climb up the clock tower of the Epiphany Church (‘Dreik√∂nigskirche’ in German) and experience a great view of the city.
In the Old Town the most interesting buildings were the Semper Opera House, the Hofkirche, and the Zwinger palace.

Since it is already December, of course we had to include visits to a few of Dresden’s Christmas markets as well. We have them in Vienna, but the ones in Dresden were a little different, mainly because they had rather detailed pieces of art or small city models on the roofs of their huts. One of the markets we visited called ‘1.000 Funkel’ (roughly translatable to ‘A Thousand Twinkles’) featured a rather new concept: It focused on fairytales and consisted of a number of heated tents (much needed in this weather!) which had lots of interesting products and a few shows to offer.

Trying to squeeze everything we saw on these two days into only a few words is not an easy task, but I’ll try to let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Visiting Dresden was a lot of fun, but just as a piece of advice for everyone who wants to go there during winter time: Don’t forget to bring your gloves and drink a lot of warm drinks if you don’t want to freeze ;) I’m used to the cold, as it is nearly the same in Vienna, but during those trips one is usually outside a lot, and that’s definitely more fun if you’re not constantly shivering.


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