Obsessed with ..... Advent Calendars

I'm a bit late in presenting yet another obsession, but here we go:

Calendars for ticking-off the 24 days leading up to Christmas Eve (through opening of little "windows", sometimes filled with sweets, sometimes just opening to reveal pretty pictures) are traditional in Austria and come in various shapes. As a child I preferred the chocolate-filled ones - naturally! - but ever since I've become one of the "grown-ups", I get one of these every year:

They are very corny looking, sporting either vintage Christmas card motives or lots of angels/elves with a topping of silver or gold glitter. Still, I really love them and (as you can see above) have a whole collection that I use to decorate the rooms in preparation for Christmas - it would be a shame to throw them away after only 24 days of looking at them...


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