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I think that every Fashion Blog should have its own section for testing and presenting beauty products, so here we go:

Tried Out: French Nails Part I

There are a few different ways to do a French Nail Manicure and as there are various products ranging from white pencils to stickers available to help you achieve a perfect look, I'll try out a few of them myself and then do a review. Since I don't care for totally fake nails (they feel weird and - while looking good - are pretty expensive) I'll only use stuff that doesn't necessitate a professional beauty salon plus equipment. I recently bought glue-on nail tips and in combination with a simple clear top coat they make for a very pretty result... These are the products I used (got them at dm):

Step 1

Very simple: You match the size of the French Nail Tip to the size of your own nail - there are 9 different sizes to choose from, so you should be able to find the perfect fit. Then apply them to your (clean and nail polish-free) natural nails using the special glue. Be careful though, that stuff is really sticky and doesn't come off easily!

 Step 2

Let the glue dry. Don't worry, it takes only 2-3 minutes! Break off the white tabs used for adjusting the nails tips. Any imperfections can be corrected using a normal file. Afterwards you can either use a simple top coat (like I did) or - if you prefer - a natural looking nail polish (like pale rose or something). Take care to use the polish on the whole nail though, especially filling in and covering up any imperfect edges. Your manicure will last much longer if you do.

The first time I tried these I was a bit disappointed - they only lasted about one day before starting to splinter. But I decided to give it another go and am still sporting perfect nails while typing this (it's been almost 3 days now *yay*) - I just put a dab of glue under the edges or a fresh layer of nail polish on whenever I see a small friction appear...
My review: Worth the - compared with other products really small - effort, my nails look pretty good! If you are a bit careful you can keep your nails in shape for a few days. On the downside: The glue is - of course - not very good for the nail as well as irritant (it says so on the package). So keep it away from eyes, mouth and even - as much as possible - normal skin. Therefore, in my opinion, these French Nail Tips are a good way to get pretty nails for special occasions (and a few days beyond). I guess I wouldn't use them all the time for fear of damaging my nails with that glue-stuff, but used sparingly they make for a good do-it-yourself nail product!


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