Obsessed with ..... Scarves

There are a few things that I am looking forward to when the winter is on its way: Snow, Ice-skating, Skiing - and wearing my coats and scarves!
Actually, since I don't possess that many coats, it's rather about the scarves, which I have a growing collection of. I have winter scarves as well as some for summer, but right now, I'd like to show you only a few pieces from my collection for the cold season.

Even though my favorite color is green, there is a vast amout of blue scarves in my collection. Plus, two of my favorites are also dominantly blue, so one can probably tell that blue is my second-favorite color.

This one was a Christmas present from my sister a few years ago. She made it herself because I was always stealing one of her other self-made scarves which had the same 'design'. Eventually, I got my very hand-made personalized scarf! :)

For Christmas this year I also got a scarf, but this time from my mum and not made by herself ;) I really like that its two-sided and the small balls at both ends.

How many scarves do you possess?


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