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Necklace by A|Wear

My family and I are very passionate travelers, journeying off to various places around the world whenever we have the chance to, and I find that this passion also starts to show in my style.
I bought the necklace in the picture above for my sister at A|Wear when I was in Dublin and like stealing it from her now. I think it is most suitable for people who like imagining their next trip while dealing with assignments that have to be done, work that needs to be finished and other everyday activities.

Whenever I'm on a trip, I like to remember as much as I can because some of the experiences you make when hiking through another country are those you can only make once in your life. Therefore, I have started keeping a travel journal on our first big trip to the United States in 2008. And I have kept at it ever since.
As you might have noticed in the picture above, the books I use have changed shapes and sizes, with the last one on the right even being a 'professional' travel journal. Mind you, they have not all been filled with my handwriting yet, I am currently only feeding the second one (the orange one) with anecdotes from my travel life.

In the beginning, I also drew small pictures of significant things or events I wanted to remember every once in a while. Later on, these doodles became more frequent and I started to include one on nearly every page.

Some of them are rather simple, while others can be a little more elaborate, depending on how exhausted I am from the day and what time it is when I finally go to bed.

So, to get back to my travels being represented in my life at home: Another piece which I really like is a magnetic board featuring airplanes, cars and a dark skyline that I got from Tiger when I was in Greece. It is still wrapped because I haven't found a proper place to hang it yet, but I'm sure I will find one eventually!

Magnetic Board from Tiger

Lastly, I really like those map necklaces that have been appearing on a number of blogs lately. I like that you can get your own customized version with your home town, but I'm also really into the pieces featuring maps from other cities of the world. And after all, you need a map when you're travelling, right?

Necklaces by Sherry Truitt


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  1. Wow, some of those pictures are really great. I love your sketch of the Chinese Pagoda.;)