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"Le Prêtre Marié"

Today, one of my sisters accompanied me to an exhibition in the Albertina that I have been wanting to see ever since hearing about it a few weeks ago. It featured paintings by the artist René Magritte who I had not heard much about before. He started his career as a painter of Impressionistic motives, later moving on to Futurism and Cubism until he finally discovered Surrealism which should be present in most of his paintings from then on and which he became most famous for.

This is what I wore for the trip - notice the apples on my shirt, which are rather fitting, since Magritte had a phase where he painted lots of apples ;)

Top - H&M
Skirt - Orsay
Cardigan - Vintage

I had looked for some of his drawings online before-hand but was surprised by how many different motives he painted in his career. The way the exhibition in the Albertina was structured, it featured different phases of his life as an artist, but one could always make out a few recurring elements in his pictures as well.

My favorite works were "Castle in the Pyrenees", "Golconde" and "Le Prêtre Marié".

"Castle in the Pyrenees"

Here are some other pieces that we saw while walking through the exhibition:

"La Condition Humaine"
"Infinite Gratitude"


Lip Service

When I was in Scotland this past week I found a very interesting beauty product in a drugstore: a lipgloss called "Sexy Mother Pucker". It says on the package that the gloss contains superfill-microparticles which would extend when applied to the lips and make them look plump and full. So here's my review:

Get it at douglas.de

On the downside, the lipgloss is awfully sticky so I don't recommend it if you know you'll be drinking from a fine wine glass - it'll leave traces - or kiss someone... you'll probably end up glued together ;)
BUT they come in cute colors and the one I've got smells kinda like sweet popcorn (weird but somewhat tasty), they are long-lasting and - the most important thing - they really make the lips look fuller. I don't know if it's the lipgloss reflecting the light ('cause it does - it's pretty much a 'wet look') or because of these microparticles, but I end up with shiny lips that look a lot bigger than usual. At least in my opinion... Some people experienced a tingly feeling (it says on the package that this would be the particles doing their expanding business), but I didn't feel anything so I can't tell you if it's irritating or not. My trick: I apply a base layer of some kind - for example Labello.

I'd buy it again, I think *makes enhanced pouty lips*



A Taste of Vintage, Part II

I know, it's been a while since I posted Part I, but I just now happened to stumble upon another really cute Vintage packaging. And I don't plan on making this a series anyway, I'll just post whenever I find something cute and with a touch of vintage ;) The glass jar contains really sweet pink candy, primarily with the taste of strawberry, raspberry or other sweet berries. The label says "Greta's Goldstücke" in German which is roughly translatable to "Greta's pieces of gold" or "Greta's treasures".

My sister brought the jar home someday, but I don't remember exactly where she got it from. Anyway, if we ever finish eating all of its content, I plan on using it for storage, although I'm not yet sure what exactly I want to put inside. But when it's time, it will come in useful, I'm sure of it ;)



Traditional 'Dirndl' Fashion

The other day, my father gave me a small lookbook by the Austrian designer Lena Hoschek and I thought that some of you might be interested in taking a look at a few pieces from her collection, too.
A lot of her clothes are inspired by the dirndl, which is a traditional 'costume' often worn in Austria, for events such as the Jägerball or other gatherings where traditional clothing is welcome or even required.

I photographed some of my favorites for you. What I really like about the pictures is for one part the background which is different in every single photo, and of course also the dresses and dedication to detail. In one picture, the model is holding a small cup with a little printed flower on it, while another time she wears a hat with small green brooches shaped like hats.

My sister's favorite was the fourth dress, while I really liked the third one. And the last one was mainly included because I liked the cheerfulness of it ;)


  1. All the pictures were taken from the lookbook.


Finger Food

Just take a look at these gorgeous rings and try telling me you don't love them (although they're as cheesy as miniature food adorning jewellery can possibly be).  

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

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Photo Credit

These always remind me of one scene from the movie "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst:

Image Credit

When I was in Greece last summer, I found this amazing little shop where you could buy every part necessary for making your own jewelery! They must've had thousands of little ornaments in there and among them were - you can probably guess it - some tiny cakes! So I bought some glue and metal bands and today I'm able to present you: my very own collection of 'finger food'...

I've yet to find an outfit to go with the rings - if I'm daring enough to actually wear something so completely and unconditionally... cute. In any case I'll have to tone down the clothes 'cause one of these will already be enough of an eye-catcher.