Lip Service

When I was in Scotland this past week I found a very interesting beauty product in a drugstore: a lipgloss called "Sexy Mother Pucker". It says on the package that the gloss contains superfill-microparticles which would extend when applied to the lips and make them look plump and full. So here's my review:

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On the downside, the lipgloss is awfully sticky so I don't recommend it if you know you'll be drinking from a fine wine glass - it'll leave traces - or kiss someone... you'll probably end up glued together ;)
BUT they come in cute colors and the one I've got smells kinda like sweet popcorn (weird but somewhat tasty), they are long-lasting and - the most important thing - they really make the lips look fuller. I don't know if it's the lipgloss reflecting the light ('cause it does - it's pretty much a 'wet look') or because of these microparticles, but I end up with shiny lips that look a lot bigger than usual. At least in my opinion... Some people experienced a tingly feeling (it says on the package that this would be the particles doing their expanding business), but I didn't feel anything so I can't tell you if it's irritating or not. My trick: I apply a base layer of some kind - for example Labello.

I'd buy it again, I think *makes enhanced pouty lips*


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