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"Le Prêtre Marié"

Today, one of my sisters accompanied me to an exhibition in the Albertina that I have been wanting to see ever since hearing about it a few weeks ago. It featured paintings by the artist René Magritte who I had not heard much about before. He started his career as a painter of Impressionistic motives, later moving on to Futurism and Cubism until he finally discovered Surrealism which should be present in most of his paintings from then on and which he became most famous for.

This is what I wore for the trip - notice the apples on my shirt, which are rather fitting, since Magritte had a phase where he painted lots of apples ;)

Top - H&M
Skirt - Orsay
Cardigan - Vintage

I had looked for some of his drawings online before-hand but was surprised by how many different motives he painted in his career. The way the exhibition in the Albertina was structured, it featured different phases of his life as an artist, but one could always make out a few recurring elements in his pictures as well.

My favorite works were "Castle in the Pyrenees", "Golconde" and "Le Prêtre Marié".

"Castle in the Pyrenees"

Here are some other pieces that we saw while walking through the exhibition:

"La Condition Humaine"
"Infinite Gratitude"

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