Costumes Part I - Tinkerbell

As quite a few of you probably already know, the Irish celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th - a holiday that's becoming more and more popular throughout the whole of Europe! The craze reached Austria some years ago and ever since our Irish Pubs are packed with people clad in green, wearing stupid hats and drinking green beer once a year. This season I decided to join the crowd and - seeing as I found an enthusiastic friend to accompany me - wanted to go all out regarding the costume. In the end we decided on Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (from the Disney version) and while that might not have been entirely related to poor, dead St. Patrick, it was at least VERY green :) See below for how I did my part...

I found an almost perfect dress at Forever 21, got the wings and the wand at a costume store in the inner city of Vienna, discovered (after searching for hours!) green shoes at the Fürnkranz Outlet and even managed to find balls of wool looking like these white, fuzzy things Tinkerbell wears on her shoes... I secured them by glueing  them to some clips (like those you use for your hair).

Unfortunately, I didn't get a detailed picture of my hair - it was easily the best part! I just did a tight bun on top of my head, slipped on two of these buffers (one on top of the other) I got at Claire's, arranged my hair so it would cover them (which formed the nice, big globe I was going for), tucked in the loose ends at the base and wound a green hair tie around it... Really rather simple!

This is how it looked in the end:



  1. oh i love it!! well done! :D your blog is so sweet!

  2. This is SO adorable! I love it. You look so cute!

    Suzie Q
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