Dressed for Scotland

Hailey already did a nice post about our recent trip to the lush green planes and mountains that are Scotland, so you know that we've been enjoying a nice holiday together and had a lot of fun! We also decided we'd try and take some clothes with us that we wanted to show you in a separate post, but maybe trying to get pictures for an outfit post while sightseeing wasn't such a great idea after all... 
When we finally found a nice background (the ruins of Holyrood Abbey) we were already rather tired, our hair tangled by the wind, and the clothes wrinkled from wearing heavy overcoats - not exactly ideal conditions! However, we did our best to have at least something to show to you:

Dress - Kariza
Belt - H&M
Cardigan - Vintage
Shoes - Humanic

Pendant (originally an earring) - Bijou Brigitte

Shoes - Deichmann
Jeans - Mango
Oversized Sweater - sweewë
Turtleneck - Zara
Belt - Zara

I love how the sweater is dotted with huge perfume bottles and adorned with little details like bows and metal charms. The ring is a so-called 'Claddagh Ring' and shows two hands holding a crowned heart. It's a symbol for friendship, loyalty and - ultimately - love. Worn on the right hand with the heart facing inwards it means the wearer is already in a relationship, worn like in the picture above it means that one is free and open for a new love and on the left hand and facing inwards it's like a wedding band...

Hope you like the post!

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