Le Cirque des Rêves Arrives Without Warning . . . . .

After reading about this particular book on the blog A+ B in the Sea, I immediately added it to my Christmas list back in December. “The Night Circus” is the tale of a magical challenge, carried out between the students of two different ‘illusionists’. As an arena, a big circus is set up, operating only at night and equipped with black-and-white tents, each of which introduces the visitor to a whole new world of acrobatics, illusions and magic.

The major part of the book is dedicated to the circus, describing its members or focusing on certain visitors and their reactions to the wonders presented to them in this small world composed almost entirely of black and white. The author, Erin Morgenstern, describes many of the circus tents in great detail, which makes it rather easy for the reader to imagine walking through it, maybe even becoming one of the ‘rêveurs’ described in the story, who follow the circus everywhere, as it changes location on a regular basis, without revealing where it will appear next.

In the first few chapters, I thought that there was not that much tension to the story, as all the characters had to be introduced and the challenge had not yet started. However, the more I read, the more I liked it, and even though the scene changed often, jumping from Concord in 1902 to Glasgow, 1895, or even to Vienna, I still had no problem following the story and seeing how the events unfold, until the final showdown, determining the future of the whole circus and all those affiliated with it.

Hence, if you’re looking for reading material, “The Night Circus” is definitely a good choice. And if you’re not convinced yet: the design of the book is really lovely as well, starting with the cover illustration and continuing with the layout of the pages inside. I hope you got a glimpse of that in the pictures ;)


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  1. On my reading list. I expect to start reading in April ;)