A Piece of Greece

During my exchange semester in Greece, I took so many pictures that I decided to go back to the ‘old’ ways and create a photo album. Not only to have something to look at whenever I didn’t feel like filing through the numerous pictures saved on my computer, but also to polish up my handicraft skills.

Hence, I went to one of our biggest stationery stores to find an album, of which I had a very clear picture in my head: I wanted a ring binder and I wanted it to have black pages.
Luckily, one of the books in the store managed to live up to those expectations and so I was ready to start cutting and gluing!
That is, after I had printed the pictures, which I did by ordering from Snapfish, and then they arrived within a few days in a small package.

I eventually ended up with two albums that are now filled with pages of photos from all the trips me and some other exchange students (including Sophy ;) went on during the four months of our stay, as well as other impressions of Greece and its vicinity.

Since food was one essential part of the Greek culture, I made a whole page dedicated to all the delicious treats we got to try.
The post card is from Bulgaria, where we went on a short trip, and the "one-armed bandit" is one of the small things I made, to make flicking through the album more interesting ;)

Another page is filled with a few interesting things that we came across, such as a rather "modern" phone box. Demonstrations were also typical and happened more often than in Austria, which is understandable, as the financial crisis was at its peak last year.

In the following picture, I marked the stops of the roundtrip I did with my family at the end of my exchange semester. This is not really my handwriting, I just tried to make it look a little more "Greek" ;)

And lastly, a collage of our small cruise around the famous peninsula of Áthos, where we got a guide book to learn more about all the monasteries situated at its shore, and which marked the end of our trip.

I hope you liked my "creation". I'm quite happy with the outcome, and it took me some time to get the two albums finished, because all the cutting and gluing and coming up with ideas can be quite time-consuming.