The Sound of Snow Falling

When Bonnie's mum went to open the door, there was always someone there. And when Bonnie was little, she thought that was normal, so she tried to do the same - to magically make people appear on her family's doorstep. But for some reason, whenever she turned the door handle, nobody was looking back at her from the other side.
Still, she watched  her mother repeat the process over and over again, never failing to be greeted by a man or a woman in front of the entrance.
It was only later that Bonnie realized that her mother was only answering the door when the doorbell rang. Bonnie had never been able to hear that signal and therefore failed in her attempts - because Bonnie is deaf.

When I read about this experience in the book "The Feel of Silence", I got a glimpse of what growing up in a hearing world is like for a deaf person. Even though the author, Bonnie Poitras Tucker, knew that she couldn't hear from a rather early age on, some mysteries of life only began to become clear to her after a certain time.

Even though I got an insight into some aspects of the deaf community through studying Austrian Sign Language for about two and a half years, there were still a few things that I never thought about before which were mentioned in the book.
It is a biography, separated into the author's different "lifes", namely as a kid and student, as a wife and mother, and lastly as a lawyer, law professor and grandmother.

The First Life: Kid and Student

I can recommend the book to everyone who has never thought about what kinds of obstacles our world might hold for people who can't hear. And even though I think that the author might have been able to prevent some of the things that happened to her by letting people know that she is deaf, I could also understand her frustration in other situations.

For anyone who would like to read the book in German, the title is "Der Klang von fallendem Schnee" ("The Sound of Snow Falling"). You'll understand the reason for this choice after reading the first chapters ;)


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