Be Merry(-Go-Round)

Lately I've been practically stumbling over merry-go-rounds every other step. Some of them real, some of them toys, some of them jewellery... and since the little girl inside me (the one that's stubbornly refusing to grow up) is still fascinated by the pretty horses, carriages, balloons and other mounts slowly spinning round and round to the old-fashioned tunes, here is my selection of beautiful vintage carrousels for you:

Paris, France (taken by Carrie)

Cannes, France

Vienna, Austria

Toy Carrousel, Vienna

How to include a merry-go-round into your wardrobe? Dear Hailey recently gave me this cute little pendant - since she's aware of my obsession ;) - and now I've to find something to wear with it! So cute...

Necklace from SIX