A Taste of Vintage, Part III

After Part I and II, this is probably the least 'vintage' box for sweets, but I still thought that it was worth sharing. My sister and I recently bought a piece of mooncake, which is a traditional Chinese pastry. The traditional version is usually eaten during Mid-autumn festival (also known as Moon festival), while the modernized form of it, Icy mooncake, is available throughout the year.
This year's Mid-autumn festival was celebrated over the past few days, as it always takes place on the 15th day of the eigth month, according to the Chinese calendar. So the official day for the Moon festival was Sunday, September 30, but there were also some events and festivities on Saturday and Monday.

Since my sister and I are now officially Hong Kong residents, we thought we better try the traditional food. We got the chance to do that on a cruise organized by my university, where we tasted traditional mooncake and all sorts of the icy version. And for Sunday, the official festival day, we got ourselves two boxes of Chocolate mooncake - one to bring to the family that I celebrated with, and one for the family of my sister's boyfriend.

But now, let's get to the reason why I'm telling you all this: The cake came in a very nice box, which I instantly decided should be added to my collection of vintage/cute candy boxes. I especially like the lock, as well as the decoration on top - even though it is not very Asian ;)