There are Fairies in the Woods...

Dear Readers,

since Hailey safely returned from her year away in Hong Kong and we both finished a lot of our school work recently, we decided it's time to pick up where we left 10 months ago - so this is the first in what I hope will be a series of new posts to look forward to!

Last summer a dear and very talented friend of mine - Carrie Levay, who's also done these lovely pictures in our 'Obsessed with .... Paris' post - decided she'd like to try out something new and asked me to dress up for an outdoor shoot. We had a great day with lots of fun and these are what came out in the end: 

Carrie's husband Robert then did a little bit of tinkering, so this is what the pictures look like with some professional digital remastering :) There are also a couple ones of me in a simple blue dress that I actually like very much. Thanks again, Carrie & Rob for including me in this experiment!

I hope you enjoyed this post, everyone! See you soon!