Watery Heights

These pictures are already a few months old, but we decided that they are still worth sharing! Last summer, before I went to Hong Kong for 10 months, Sophy and I took a day trip to the Myra Falls in Lower Austria as well as the small and lovely city of Laxenburg.

To ensure that we drive 'in style', Sophy had borrowed her mother's convertible for the day, which was perfect, since the summer heat often had us wishing for some cool air.
We dressed accordingly in light layers and breezy fabrics.

Sophy wore a patterned sheer tunic-style top with denim shorts, while I decided to don a white lace dress.

Dress - Fashion Collection
Bag - SIX

While taking a boat trip on the lake in Laxenburg, we spotted some ancient-looking ruins on one of the small islands. Unfortunately, there was no place to dock in sight, so we had to discard our idea of exploring the secrets of said ruins.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we did the trip!

Sophy & Hailey