Hello, everyone! Welcome to the home of the „Squid Squad“, a not-so-secret, two-girls-only club founded during a prolonged stay in beautiful and sunny Greece. This blog will be a collection of random things like fashion or event diaries, how-tos, recipes, a bit of handicraft or sewing work, recommended books, drawings and other fluffy stuff. But it is also about us, trying to live a life full of all things fun, as well as experience a bit of sparkle and glamour – and share it with you, if you're interested!

The Girls Behind/On the Scenes

Hello, guys, my name is Sophy! I dearly love both history and writing, meaning that – surprise! – reading and writing are my main hobbies. I also really like travelling, dancing, drawing, handicraft, music (I play the harp, although rather badly) and fashion. You could say I am a girly girl, marked by a faible for things like Jane Austen, bows or lace trimmings, cute tea cups and sweet cakes. One can always find me either shopping for a pair of pretty shoes, in a dusty museum staring at equally dusty pieces of art or planning my next excursion – be it to a foreign place or a quick drink with dear friends just round the corner...

I am Hailey, the second part of our great Squid Squad. I am very much into design (be it fashion or graphic design), drawing, writing, and just in general creating things myself. Even though I am not an expert in any of these fields and sometimes don’t create my pieces following the instructions thoroughly, I am – as contradictory as that sounds – a perfectionist and try to get a little better each time I make something. Another important thing you need to know about me is that I am very much into colors, so some of the pieces I put online might burst your ideas of what is too colorful, but for me sometimes there just can’t be enough green, blue or orange in one place :)

History in the Making

So, the „Squid Squad“... It's not exactly a very fitting name for a page dedicated to things like fashion and art, but we had a reason for choosing that specific one.

It all started in Greece. Over a portion of Greek salad, fish and squid. Two young individuals – who were actually both not that much into eating squid, but got a plate full of it due to a misunderstanding with the waiter – found a very interesting topic to talk about: squid! And when the discussion started to get even more interesting they realized that “squid” in combination with the word “squad” actually sounded rather good! Hence, these two individuals decided to create two shirts with “Squid Squad” on them which would mark them as members of that awesome group.
When working on the shirts, they realized that it was actually a lot of fun to create stuff themselves and remembered other things they liked which involved creativity – such as writing, drawing or designing. Therefore, the idea of creating a blog together was born and after some thinking, the perfect name for the project was found: Squid Squad. Oh, and if you haven’t guessed it already – those two individuals were Sophy and me ;)